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Creastate Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, an established name amongst real estate companies of Patna has been offering its matchless services to a large number of people in the city.

Beginning its journey of success in 2012, Creastate Infrastructure has crossed many milestones with its sincere efforts and power of apprehension. Determined to establish itself as one of the promising real estate players, Creastate Infrastructure has never looked back to where it started. With the ceaseless efforts of a hand-picked pool of seasoned professionals, Creastate Infrastructure has been able to stand as a testimony of trust and confidence for people of Patna.

Being known as one of the fastest growing real estate companies of Patna, Creastate Infrastructure has left no stones unturned in serving people with best quality projects. It has successfully reached the highest level of customer service by making people meet their dream houses. Strict adherence to professionalism and ability to cope up with the changes has led Creastate Infrastructure to improve and enhance its efficiency day by day.

Creastate Infrastructure is solely aimed towards transforming the lifestyle of people in Patna and taking forward this as its long term goal, it has tried its level best to prove itself through constant and honest efforts. Leading with the sheer thought of providing people with comfortable and peaceful homes, Creastate Infrastructure turns every possibility into opportunity and faces each challenge confidently.
At Creastate Infrastructure, we believe that for a better and progressive future, we should direct our efforts towards raising the living standards of people. And therefore we focus our efforts in planned development across real estate industry to help people earn a high-end living.


Quality is not an accident. It is the result of an intelligent effort. For us, quality matters a lot more than quantity. We do not believe in erecting a number of structures but we do believe in creating masterpieces of quality.

Quality is reflected into our carefully planned and executed efforts and is taken forward with every project we choose to handle. Therefore we consider quality as our focussed phenomenon of existence and try to incorporate such acts into our working which could speak quality in a loud voice.

We ensure that we capably perform every task with more and more perfection and care. Thus we bring quality into our planning and executions and are able to maintain the level of quality into our upcoming projects.


We begin each task with confidence and take it towards fruition by sticking to our commitments. Directed towards construction of quality benchmarks, we try to fulfil our promises by concentrating on quality and integrity in processes.

Commitment is the key to our level-headed approach in execution. Every commitment you make is led towards fulfilment with an inner urge to live up to our values. One needs to make sure that whatever happens, the work should get to fruition.

For us, commitment is none less than our way of life. We adopt, reflect and sustain our level of commitment with every project we undertake and assure our customers that they are delivered with excellent and trustworthy services which fulfil their expectations from us.


Everything we plan or execute is directed towards gaining excellence into the finished products. We follow routed and extensive approach to our work and make sure the work is done efficiently and a quality structure is delivered to the customers. Excellence is achieved by careful addressing of every small need and requirement of the customer and fulfilling his desires.

Excellence is never achieved in a day. It is an ongoing process which requires undeterred level of endurance to be put in every single aspect of our work which satisfies the customer’s expectations as well as could satisfy our urge to serve our customers.

We ensure that with our incomparable services and keen attention to the details, we reach out to help people in offering them what they deserve. We believe, this way we can satisfy our core values along with achieving excellence in our respective field.


Innovation has always led us to achieve perfection in newness in everything we do. We strive to bring innovation into every project of ours and assure that we build every design by addressing each angle of possible innovation.

Innovation is catered by the efforts which are future focused and are ardent in their own way. We try to reflect innovation in our acts through developing competence in our efforts to match up with the technical capabilities and prove ourselves ahead of competition.

We know that in order to match the pace of competitive world and prove our capabilities, we need to have all the resources needed to incorporate innovation into our efforts. Therefore we follow modern techniques and processes in catering the requirements of our customers.

Our Mission & Vision

At Creastate Infrastructure, we are led forward to constructing architectural marvels that would not only symbolize our dedicated efforts but also will be a testimony of our innovative thought processes. We believe that without innovation there is no sure success. We try to adopt a perfect blend of modernity and aesthetics into every effort we make.

We are motivated towards providing comprehensive real estate solutions to our valued customers and help them achieve a good value for their money.

To serve people with con temporarily designed houses supported with high-end technological advancements, modern interiors and exteriors and fulfill their expectations, we update our working style and make sure people get what they have desired of.

Inheriting these values for lifetime, we indulge ourselves into finding new ways to serve our customers nationally and globally and also ensure that we meet the environment supportive norms while creating any landmark.


To play a major role in construction of world-class real estate projects which could stand as benchmarks to Patna’s pride and assist our city , our state and our country in nurturing real estate growth.


To develop competency in delivering quality services to people of Patna. We also look forward to setting improved standards of quality construction and continuously contributing towards offering a fulfilled life to our prestigious customers.


Ranjeet Kumar Singh

Mr. Ranjeet K Singh, the founder and Managing Director of a reputed Real Estate company Creastate infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is indeed a person of great virtue. Holding a profound experience in real estate industry, he has proved his mettle in the field by bringing changes into the approach towards real estate marketing. Mr. Singh possesses a brilliant skill set in maintaining existing real estate businesses and creating opportunities to churn new businesses from new customers. He has always believed in going to the deep of customer requirements and coming up with most creative and high-end solutions to meet their specifications. Providing feasible and subtle solutions has been one of his motives since he has stepped into this field. He conceptualizes plans and implements effective processes to drive business growth.

Before guiding Creastate Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. on the success path, he has worked as a real estate counselor in Expertise India Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. and as a team leader in Hyatt Regency.

Being the founder of Creastate Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., he has been genuinely immersed in sales and business development activities in the region along with fulfilling the responsibility of budgeting for the marketing department and establishing and maintaining cordial relations with existing as well as new customers through regular beneficiary interactions.

Mr. Singh is an exuberant entrepreneur who has been playing a key role in shaping Creastste Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. into an ardent business empire. He, by his professional approach to business decisions and an active involvement in regular business operations has taken the group a step ahead.

Taking hold of new business opportunities and turning them into pieces of advancement, Mr. Singh has been a driving force behind taking the group towards the heights of succession. His level-headed approach to tough business situations has never been able to drag him off his vision and he is continuously striving ahead towards bringing fruitful changes in the industry.

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Affordable Housing for Middle and Low Income People  
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Creastate provides affordable housing to middle to low income household to encourage home ownership. I would like to thank Mr. Ranjeet for his leadership and wish him very success.

May 5, 2016   Patna   
Best Real Estate Company Ever in Bihar, Patna  
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“I must compliment Creastate Infrastructure on their customer service. I am please to be your client and want to congratulate Creastate Infrastructure team for an excellent work!”

February 6, 2015   India   
Fantastic Facilitation and Well Organized Customer Support !  
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I would like to share my experience about my recent business with the Creastate Infrastructure - "Fantastic facilitation, neatly planned & organized customer support and thorough guidance throughout the process, really scaled beyond my expectations while doing business with Creastate Infrastructure.

August 25, 2015   California, USA   


Today, the real estate industry in Patna has become one of the major investment sectors for the residents of Bihar and NRBs (Non Resident Biharis). This industry is playing an important role in the formation of the Bihar’s economy in the present economic situation.

There are various developments and elevations which are taking place in the real estate sector in Patna with more number of apartments in Patna and owning to this, real estate is growing on a fast pace. Various factors are responsible for the growth of real estate sector in Patna. A key factor for the development of real estate in Patna is the kind of policies adopted by the state government to enable easy investments in the industrial and the economic sector in the state. In the past few years, the government of India has adopted a new stand regarding the foreign direct investment (FDI) policies which encourages other countries to invest in Indian properties. The passage of two crucial bills, in particular, sometime in the next few quarters this year will boost the sentiment of all stakeholders and herald a new order in the country’s and therefore Bihar’s real estate.

The real estate in Patna is one of the major revenue generating sectors in the state. The growth of real estate’s sector influences the economy of Bihar directly. Owning a property in Patna is one of the greatest assets and is one of the most profitable investments in Patna. There is very less chances of a loss in the real estate. The growth graph in property investment in Patna is escalating day by day and the new trends will further escalate it.

Factors that have and will accelerate the rapid growth of real estate in Patna

The steady expansion and the development of the IT sectors in Patna will play a major role in the development of the real estate sector in Patna. The constant expansion of the IT sectors; MNC and corporate firms will give way for the growth of the real-estate sector in Patna; the commercial and residential sector. Apparently it will also provide better employment opportunities to the people of Bihar. The easy access to the bank loans has resulted in easy property investment. There are various national and multinational banks in India which offer easy property loans; naturally this makes it easy for the property buyers even from the middle-class in Patna. The growth of the Bihar’s economy is one of the fastest all over the country and world. This factor directly influences the real-estate sector of Patna.

Apart from just the increase of the Bihari investors, there are also various NRB (Non residentBihari) real estate investors. The realtors in Patna have portrayed the property investment as an element of lifestyle and a splurge of luxurious apartments with beautiful commercial complexes and extraordinary retail ventures in 2013. This in turn has attracted the NRB potential property buyers. There is an increase in the number of NRB property buyers in Bihar who are planning to settle down in Bihar in future, as well. Ever since the real estate sector underwent a rapid upsurge, Biharis from various countries and states of India have been relocating here.


1. The ever growing economy, increasing purchase power of people and demand for real estate sector.

2. Demand for millions of square feet for offices and industrial space. Increasing presence of number of renowned companies and a demand for office space in Patna.

3. Real estate in Patna creates huge returns. Also most NRBs are making a huge profit out of their investment in real estate in Patna.

4. Development in various other sectors like IT, ITES, BPO, auto-components, chemicals, apparels, pharmaceuticals, jewellery, food processing and agriculture based industries will in turn attract more investors in real estate Patna.

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