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Creastate : Your Dream Home

Creastate Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, an established name amongst real estate companies of Patna has been offering its matchless services to a large number of people in the city.

Beginning its journey of success in 2012, Creastate Infrastructure has crossed many milestones with its sincere efforts and power of apprehension. Determined to establish itself as one of the promising real estate players, Creastate Infrastructure has never looked back to where it started. With the ceaseless efforts of a hand-picked pool of seasoned professionals, Creastate Infrastructure has been able to stand as a testimony of trust and confidence for people of Patna..

We begin each task with confidence and take it towards fruition by sticking to our commitments. Directed towards construction of quality benchmarks, we try to fulfil our promises by concentrating on quality and integrity in processes.

Commitment is the key to our level-headed approach in execution. Every commitment you make is led towards fulfilment with an inner urge to live up to our values. One needs to make sure that whatever happens, the work should get to fruition.
For us, commitment is none less than our way of life. We adopt, reflect and sustain our level of commitment with every project we undertake and assure our customers that they are delivered with excellent and trustworthy services which fulfil their expectations from us.

Today, the real estate industry in Patna has become one of the major investment sectors for the residents of Bihar and NRBs (Non Resident Biharis). This industry is playing an important role in the formation of the Bihar’s economy in the present economic situation.

There are various developments and elevations which are taking place in the real estate sector in Patna with more number of apartments in Patna and owning to this, real estate is growing on a fast pace. Various factors are responsible for the growth of real estate sector in Patna. A key factor for the development of real estate in Patna is the kind of policies adopted by the state government to enable easy investments in the industrial and the economic sector in the state. In the past few years, the government of India has adopted a new stand regarding the foreign direct investment (FDI) policies which encourages other countries to invest in Indian properties. The passage of two crucial bills, in particular, sometime in the next few quarters this year will boost the sentiment of all stakeholders and herald a new order in the country’s and therefore Bihar’s real estate.

The real estate in Patna is one of the major revenue generating sectors in the state. The growth of real estate’s sector influences the economy of Bihar directly. Owning a property in Patna is one of the greatest assets and is one of the most profitable investments in Patna. There is very less chances of a loss in the real estate. The growth graph in property investment in Patna is escalating day by day and the new trends will further escalate it.


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